Additional Training Opportunities

Moving beyond ACEs with Protective Factors, Healing, and HOPE – Health Outcomes from Positive Experiences
Cailin O’Conner with Center for the Study of Social Policy
August 4, 11:00a – 12:00p CT/12:00p – 1:00p ET

Positive childhood experiences can affect adult health and well-being and counteract the well-known effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Many of us who work with children and families are eager to think about how our work can prevent ACEs from occurring, buffer children from negative effects of adversity they do experience, and support families so that they can thrive despite their challenges. Understanding both ACEs and HOPE can frame how we respond to the crises facing families and communities and how we help parents build the strongest foundation possible for their children’s future.

Please join this webinar to learn about emerging research on the Health Outcomes of Positive Experiences (HOPE), the importance of foundational relationships, and how it all relates to the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. Join us in reflecting on how we can help families to create positive childhood experiences and build their protective factors despite whatever adversity they may face.

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Education Panel Transforming to Trauma-Informed: Three Journeys of Building Trauma-Informed Schools
August 11, 11:00a – 12:00p CT/12:00p – 1:00p ET

Education Panel: Janet Watkins, Adam Clark, Julie Malone, and Job Isles. An education panel of experts from the Tennessee Department of Education’s trauma informed schools project will address best practices, outcomes, anecdotal examples and expansion work in their respective communities and schools.

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Moving What to Why: A Trauma-Informed School's Journey
Principal Mathew Portell
August 25, 11:00a – 12:00p CT/12:00p – 1:00p ET

Fall-Hamilton Elementary School in Metro Nashville Public Schools has been on a journey for five years to disrupt the status quo by utilizing innovative practices to assist in mitigating the effects of childhood trauma. Principal Portell will take you through their journey by discussing lessons learned and how the school moved from "what" they do, to "why" they do it.

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Casting the Digital Footprint - $295

Technology impacts almost every type of investigation today. Uncover the information technology users knowingly and unknowingly leave behind when accessing and using electronic devices. Learn how to covertly strengthen your investigations through gathering personal, public and open source data. Discuss techniques to locate evidence through technologies that can benefit any type of investigation.

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Criminal Connections: Child Pornography and Child Sexual Abuse - $395

Explore investigative strategies that address the relationship between child sexual abuse and child pornography to supplement an investigation and corroborate victim statements. Gather the right tools and resources to investigate sexual abuse cases and produce the most comprehensive case outcomes. During this training, you will learn about the trauma experienced when child sexual abuse cases involve child pornography.

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Mobile Device Investigations - $395

Learn current cell phone related strategies and techniques for any type of investigation. Explore and apply current practices for working with different cellular network providers, completing technology-focused search warrants, analyzing cellular provider call data, associating reported data to the investigation and effective case reporting strategies.

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Beyond Google - Discovering Online Resources in Investigations - $395

In the modern cyber-world, almost all criminal investigations have an online aspect that can be used to further investigations and more quickly solve otherwise difficult cases. Join us to examine open source online intelligence/information and learn how to leverage free platforms, databases, and web applications to strengthen criminal cases. Uncover little known facts and techniques to optimize results using online search engines and online internet resources, which will support your investigations and prosecutions. Learn how to complete and serve search warrants for a variety of electronic information and databases to further all types of investigations. Develop new skill sets to establish contacts and open-source intelligence networks to provide ongoing criminal and threat intelligence in your jurisdiction.

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Death Investigation Academy - $595

Explore strategies for conducting death investigations that occur from several origins. Learn how to evaluate the crime scene, conduct effective interviews and interrogations, develop case leads, utilize investigative resources (crime laboratories, medical examiners), and comprehend medical autopsies.

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Child Homicide Investigations - $395

Join us for an intensive training focused on understanding and building relationships between the forensic pathologist, homicide investigator, and prosecutor in successfully investigating and prosecuting child homicide cases. Learn autopsy protocols, forensic essentials, and the criticality of determining the cause and manner of death. Understand the unique aspects of investigating a child homicide including interviewing and interrogation, suspect pool development and the role and importance of the prosecutor in gaining appropriate convictions.

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Click here to register for Jan 23 - 24, 2021 | San Diego, CA.
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Click here to register for May 17 - 18, 2021 | Little Rock, AR.
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Investigation and Prosecution of Cold Case Homicides - $395

Improve investigative techniques and prosecutorial efforts needed to successfully decipher unresolved and cold cases. Explore essential investigative, forensic and prosecution methodologies through the dissection of actual cases, best practice examples, interactive discussions, and contemporary resources. Learn proven strategies to avoid complications that are detrimental to the prosecution of cold cases. Discuss practices relevant to the establishment and maintenance of an efficient cold case unit.

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Click here to register for May 19 - 20, 2021 | Little Rock, AR.
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Investigating and Prosecuting No Body Homicides - $99

Gather the investigative tools you need to build a prosecutable homicide case and take it to trial without a body being recovered. Explore why missing persons’ cases should be investigated as homicides, until discovered otherwise.

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Enhancing Investigations through Genetic Genealogy - $99

Explore and discuss the application of Forensic Genetic Genealogy (FGG) and the ways it aids in investigations. Techniques instructed will include tips in using genealogy to help establish the identities of cold case suspects and assist with identifying human remains. Instruction is provided by experienced investigators who have gained expert knowledge in their application of forensic genetic genealogy through real-life cases. Discuss topics including forensic genealogy techniques, investigative strategies for developing leads and information, as well as working with private labs and other related resources.

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Suspicious Death Investigations: Finding the Right, Eliminating the Wrong, and Avoiding the Undetermined - $295

Examine case studies based on the experiences of a homicide detective and forensic pathologist. Identify key scene findings and correlate these findings to the autopsy results. Analyze communication methods between the investigating agencies and the medical examiner’s office. Gain understanding of how unique features of a case can affect the direction of the investigation. Discuss the ultimate resolution of each case examined and lessons learned.

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Fire and Explosion Related Death Investigations- $295

Join other investigators to gather new information and tools for investigating fire and explosion related deaths. Examine the principles of fire behaviors, areas of focus in fire related deaths, working with the medical examiner’s office and evidence/scene safety considerations.

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