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Police Chief
Nolensville, TN

Police Officer
Nolensville, TN


Police Chief
Nolensville, TN

The Town of Nolensville, TN is seeking a qualified, experienced law enforcement professional to serve as our Police Chief. Nolensville is situated in the lush green hills of Williamson County, TN, along scenic Mill Creek. Come to Nolensville where you can experience small town life in close proximity to the cultural and entertainment opportunities of the metropolitan Nashville area.

The Town offers a full benefit package including employer provided medical, dental, vision and life insurance for single coverage, retirement through the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System, paid time off, and other supplemental benefit options. Salary range is $66,879 - $91,323.

This position is open until filled. Click here for a detailed job description and job application.

Police Officer
Nolensville, TN

Duties of Police Officer:

• Patrol a designated area of the Town by operating a patrol motor vehicle or on foot for extended periods of time, in order to prevent or discover criminal activity, identify needs for community problem-solving, or as a showing of police presence as a deterrent to crime.
• Respond to and investigate various types of calls-for-service involving traffic crashes, misdemeanors, felonies, city, state, or federal offenses, nuisances, as well as other calls that benefit and provide care and concern for the citizens of Nolensville.
• Use problem-solving skills, creativity, and innovative approaches to identify citizens’ concerns, present options for courses of action, identify resources, plan for implementation of desired changes, and evaluate success.
• Coordinate information and resources among other department employees, public and private agencies, and citizens regarding crime problems and solutions.
• Recognize suspicious behaviors or circumstances involving persons that may indicate involvement in criminal offenses, stopping and interviewing, and completing field interview cards.
• Demonstrate and maintain the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, using a calm demeanor.
• Demonstrate and maintain the ability to analyze situations and adopt a quick, effective, reasonable, and legal course of action.
• This includes the ability to remain calm, composed, undistracted and in full control of cognitive abilities while functioning appropriately in hostile, dangerous or threatening situations that may require force, up to and including deadly force.
• Must be able to maintain rational, cognitive decision-making abilities and self-control in situations or environments that may be personally offensive or which involve considerable stress, danger, personal risk, violence or hostility.
• This includes the ability to exercise restraint when verbally or physically provoked.
• Interact with a variety of people functioning under various emotional states in order to manage interpersonal conflicts, resolve or stop criminal activity, obtain or provide information, or counsel and give aid to maintain order or provide service.
• Promotes good will by talking casually with people, answering questions, giving directions or information, referring citizens to other or the appropriate service agency, and learning of situations requiring police action or intervention in order to gain the confidence and support of community members.
• Examines ill or injured persons, and administers the appropriate first-aid treatment in order to prevent further injury or loss of life, up to and including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
• Directs or re-routes vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic at emergency scenes, high volume traffic locations, schools, or special events, using hand signals or flashlight, in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicle operators, and the smooth and safe flow of traffic.
• Must be familiar with computers and computer systems, especially Microsoft Office, and quickly learn the use of Nolensville Police Department Records Management System and other law enforcement related software systems.
• The ability to complete forms and other written documents completely and efficiently.
• Must demonstrate and maintain the ability to walk, run, jump or dodge obstacles, climb stairs, fences and ladders in pursuit of fleeing suspects.
• Patrol Officers must also demonstrate and maintain the ability to lift, drag, push or pull people or objects (including motor vehicles), and the ability to use restraining devices and hands/feet for self-defense.
• Every sworn member shall demonstrate and maintain a high level of proficiency with the operation of pistols, shotguns, and rifles, in addition to various technologies and other tools.
• Works a variety of shifts, days off, holidays, special events, must stay-over during emergencies, inclement weather, disaster, personnel shortage, workload, or work-in-progress.
• Personnel in this position are also subject to on-call scheduling on a regular basis.
• Photograph crime scenes, victims, autopsies, traffic crashes, property damage, stolen property, arson scenes, measure and map crime and traffic crash scenes, and complete detailed logs and reports.
• Respond to a morgue or medical facility to photograph, fingerprint and recover trace or physical evidence from deceased or surviving persons, including bodily tissue and/or fluids.
• Properly collect, preserve, package, and transport physical evidence from crime scenes, to facilitate its maximum potential for use in subsequent criminal or civil proceedings and ensure the chain of evidence / custody is not compromised.
• Perform preliminary tests on drugs and narcotics in the proper manner to identify the type drug or narcotic, as well as measure the approximate weight, amount or dosage unit, and ensure measuring devices are calibrated properly.
• Provide input to the District Attorney General Office regarding the submittal of photographic evidence, physical evidence and diagrams, and testify in criminal and civil courts, pretrial conferences and Grand Juries.
• Assist with the serving of search warrants, undercover operations and surveillance operations to collect photographic, audio and/or video evidence of such operations, and to serve arrest warrants.
• Works in conjunction with criminal investigators and other sworn members in regards to evidentiary matters and maintains confidentiality of investigations and information concerning suspects, defendants, etc.

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