In 2016 the TACP partnered with Daigle Law Group and PowerDMS to provide the Association with the Path of the Guardian weekly training series. The Path of the Guardian series consists of 6-7 minute videos featuring Eric Daigle covering current trends and training topics pertinent to law enforcement agencies. The information on the site can be downloaded and then used within your organization as you see fit.

Additionally, TACP contracted with the Daigle Law Group to develop sample policies that are relevant to our TLEA accreditation standards and current with state and federal laws. These policies have been completed and published in PowerDMS and are available for download from the TACP’s TLEA site. These policies are accessible in Microsoft
Word so that agencies may edit to meet their specific needs, i.e. practice and procedures. The highlighted parts of the policies are to draw an agency’s attention to the specific areas that need to be edited for your respective agency. For
example “XYZ” department, which would be edited to your agency name. Other examples may relate to specific procedural latitude; agency rank or designee. Policy content referencing state law should not be modified.

IMPORTANT: These are sample policies that require some modification before they are adopted as your own. They are not intended to be “plug and play”. However, they do provide a framework that contain “best practices” that are
legally sound.

To login to PowerDMS, click here. If you are prompted for the site key, it is tlea.

For instructions on how to print and download a policy from PowerDMS, click here. 
Note an important download instruction: To download a policy to Word, in order to edit the policy, place your cursor over the document name in the upper left hand corner and select download.

For those agencies who have their own PowerDMS site, click here for instructions on how to download policies into your site.

For instructions on how to navigate your inbox once in PowerDMS, click here.

For instructions on how to search for an item in PowerDMS, click here.

Access to the training videos and sample policies through PowerDMS is authorized for one user from every TACP member agency at no cost.