Thank you for your interest in the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police. If you are a law enforcement leader, we would like you to consider joining our association. As a member you’ll have the benefit of helping us shape the future of state-wide policies and best practices that help us maintain credibility with those we serve and our elected officials. Our member training, accreditation, leadership certificate programs and other services provide any Chief or senior law enforcement official with relevant, up-to-date and validated foundations for the leadership of our state-wide agencies. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to look around the web site at the myriad of services and assistance available to our members. 

Through a global pandemic and nation-wide unrest, TACP has worked tirelessly to further reevaluate our profession, find new ways to communicate, and continue to improve. Founded in 1970, we are proud to be in our 50th year as an association. We have established a unique space where law enforcement leaders can come together to share knowledge and learn from other leaders from across the nation and the globe. We work alongside our Tennessee Legislature to shape policy and push creative initiatives that benefit public safety and communities throughout the state. Our over 1000 active, retired, and corporate members provide us collective expertise that benefits the individual members and the communities we serve. 

I would highly recommend you to become a member. Your membership not only benefits you and your agency, but also the community you serve. It has never been more critical than now to collaborate, learn from each other and ensure professionalism and leadership in our profession. Your membership in TACP provides you access to all of that, packaged within a collective group of great people I am fortunate to call my friends. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact me, our Executive Director Maggi Duncan, Member Services Manager Becky Shanklin, or Special Programs Manager Janessa Edwards, and we will do our best to assist you. 
Troy Lane
Chief of Police
University of Tennessee Police Department
TACP President

Dates to Remember

2021 Meeting (at Embassy Suites Cool Springs)

  • January 27-29
  • April 7-9
  • June 2-4
  • Annual Conference: July 28-31 in Knoxville
  • September 29-October 1
  • December 1-3

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Our Pledge

TACP members shall be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity to maintain the respect and confidence of their government officials, subordinates, the public and their fellow members of law enforcement.