Testing Services

The TACP partners with Stanard & Associates to provide police departments with a range of testing services such as Police Officer Selection Tests (entry level), First and Second-Line Supervisor Tests, Dispatch Selection Testing, and Detective/Investigator Testing. Stanard & Associates also provides other testing services and customized testing for your department. The TACP membership benefits from this partnership. The tests allow departments the luxury of professional, standardized and validated testing programs that otherwise may not be financially possible. The POST, NFST/NSLST and Dispatch meet all ADA and EEOC guidelines.

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For more information on the different TACP testing services please click on the following links:

Police Officer Selection Testing  (POST)
1st & 2nd Line Supervisor Testing
Dispatch Testing
Detective/Investigator Testing

Online Employment Applications: This comprehensive program handles all facets of the application process, from distributing and collecting candidate applications, to organizing; verifying and recording required documentation; answering applicant inquiries; and producing a complete listing of applicants ready to move on to the next phase of recruitment.  With S&A's online application your own staff is freed from the time-consuming and tedious tasks associated with the initial application process.  Best of all, the cost for the application process can be covered entirely by an application fee charged directly to the applicants, resulting in a tremendous cost savings for your agency versus traditional application processes.

Here is how it works:

  • Fully customizable -- S&A works with your agency to determine the application packet content
  • S&A handles all application process logistics and set up
  • Candidates apply online at S&A's application website, www.ApplyToServe.com; candidates pay for all, some, or none of the application fee, at the discretion of the agency
  • S&A screens candidates against minimum qualifications set by your agency; at the end of the process your agency is provided with a digital PDF of all applications to review and determine final eligibility
  • S&A communicates with candidates via email throughout the application process, keeping them apprised of pertinent information and next steps

For more information, please visit: https://www.ApplyToServe.com/appdemo/

Stanard & Associates Background Information

Since 1976 Stanard & Associates, Inc. has been providing public safety agencies across the United States with testing and assessment solutions for all stages of a public safety career. They specialize in entry-level and promotional testing for police departments, fire departments, county sheriff's departments and correctional facilities. Providing Quality through Selection enables clients to select and promote the most qualified personnel to serve their community.

Stanard & Associates helps public safety agencies ensure the candidates they recruit will be able to perform effectively once on the job. Stanard & Associates has developed the tools you need to ensure recruits can handle the mental and physical demands of a career in public safety. Their entry-level written selection tests for police, fire and corrections candidates help departments find out whether a candidate possesses the cognitive skills necessary to perform effectively. Job-related physical ability exams help screen out those candidates unable to perform the physical aspects of the job. Finally, the structured oral interviews and psychological evaluations help agencies achieve the proper match between person and job.

Stanard & Associates also work with public safety agencies to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are promoted to the next rank. Written job knowledge exams help public safety managers determine which candidates understand the job-specific information necessary to perform at the next level. As job requirements change, so too must the assessment strategies. Our other assessment solutions, such as structured oral interviews, physical ability exams and psychological evaluations are effective in a promotional context as well. Moreover, structured assessment center exercises allow an agency to "look ahead" and see how a candidate would perform in a certain type of situation. Stanard's extensive testing and assessment experience allows them to meet their goal of Helping You Select the Best.

If you have any questions, please contact Becky Shanklin, Member Services Director, at (615) 726-8227.