Law Enforcement

The Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police was formed over 40 years ago to support and maintain the highest standards of professional law enforcement and public safety. TACP is a leader in setting law enforcement standards on ethics, integrity, and leadership; while providing services to its membership to promote and practice professionalism in our departments, communities and throughout this great state.

Bi-monthly meetings provide law enforcement executives and their command staff with the proper tools to perform tasks through:
- Quality professional training
- Ethical leadership
- Management development
- Legislative representation
- Local, state, and national information
- Municipal law enforcement consultation
- Technology, grant and safety program updates
- Cooperation, communication, and the exchange of information statewide
- Networking with other law enforcement and government officials
- Information Sharing

There are three membership types for Law Enforcement members:

Active Members: Applicants include: Chiefs of Police, Directors of Public Safety, Superintendents, Commissioners, Assistant Chiefs of Police, Deputy Chiefs, Deputy Directors, Executive Heads, and Division, District, or Bureau commanding officers. [Voting member]

Associate Members: Applicant not eligible for active membership but qualified by training or field experience in law enforcement or by other professional attainment in police science or administration. [Non voting member]

Sustaining Members: Applicants are individuals who pledge their support to the association and promotes the ideals of professional law enforcement. May also be a retired active member. [Non voting member] 

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