TLEA Program Overview

Application Phase: The agency applies for membership by contacting the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police for an application packet. The agency, once accepted into the TLEA program, receives necessary materials to assist in the next phases.

  1. Self-Assessment Phase: The agency determines its level of compliance with Tennessee Accreditation standards. Files are established where proofs of compliance are compiled. In this phase all agency policies and procedures undergo a review, and are updated/revised as necessary.  
  2. Onsite Assessment: A Tennessee Accreditation Program assessor(s) reviews the agencies policies, procedures, and practices against the standards to ensure necessary compliance is met. A report is then compiled and forwarded to the Professional Standards Committee for review and nomination to award accreditation is made.
  3. Review and Decision: The governing Board reviews the nomination and decides to award or defer accreditation. A date, time and location is arranged for formal presentation of the award.
  4. Re-Accreditation: In order to maintain accredited status, agencies must provide annual documentation of continued compliance and undergo an onsite assessment every three years.