Public University Intent to Carry

PC 1061 (click here)Public University Employees May Carry Handguns on Campus

This legislation permits full-time faculty and staff members of a public university or education institution to carry a concealed weapon on campus with the following conditions:

  • have a valid handgun carry permit
  • must notify the law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction of their intent to carry
  • must carry concealed
  • cannot carry in sports complexes, tenure and disciplinary hearings, hospitals or offices where medical or mental health services are provided, and any location prohibited by another law, such as at day care centers or elementary schools located on campus
  • provides legal immunity for the universities

The legislation also addresses the UT Agricultural Campuses. The bill takes effect July 1, 2016.

The TACP has been working with the University Committee, TACP members, UT System and the Board of Regents System to create a uniform notification process that will work for both campus police and municipal and county agencies. These are the final versions of the suggested forms.


Click here to download the suggested Campus Carry Notification Form.

Click here to download the suggested Summary of Rights and Responsibilities (for Local Law Enforcement).

Click here to download the suggested Summary of Rights and Responsibilities (for Campus/Institution PDs).

Please note: The links are set to launch an automatic download of Microsoft Word versions of the files.


TCA 39-17-1351 - Handgun Carry Permits

TACP Campus Carry Guidelines

Click here to see the UT System Firearms Policy (SA 0875)

TBR Policy